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Hotel Yasmina bedroom

Hotel Yasmina bedroom

Hotel Yasmina rooms are well equipped to fulfill your travel needs, all with private toilet and A/C, clean, newly constructed, private terrace where you can enjoy chill nights watching the stars.

Hotel Yasmina has 20 rooms available and at your service. Hotel Yasmina have Single Rooms, Double Rooms, Triple Rooms, Family Rooms.

The hotel prices are very competitive and its our special service that makes the difference. Every room has a different color which gives the hotel a whole energy very appropriate to Sahara Desert, Music and happiness.

Restaurant Service

Hotel Yasmina Restaurant

Hotel Yasmina Restaurant

Hotel Yasmina capable local kitchen staff will make you taste the food from the region.

Morocco and its internationally well known dishes is indeed the place to experience new flavors.

The Saharan region also has its specialities, and from couscous to different tajines, you’ll taste it all in our company.

Swimming Pool

As incredible as it seems, yes Hotel Yasmina do have a high quality swimming pool waiting for you to. Sahara Desert can be somehow warmer than what you’re used to that is why Hotel Yasmina improved the facilities with a brand new high quality swimming pool where you can profit from a fresh and relaxing moment after a long day exploring the desert.

Live Berber Music from Sahara

Kasbah Yasmina Hotel live desert music

Kasbah Yasmina Hotel live desert music

Every night Hotel Yasmina offer’s live music. The Saharan music from this region of Merzouga is quite special and different from others in Morocco. For music lovers, our music is indeed something to listen and play! You’re always invited to play with us or just feel the beat dancing in our Hotel front lobby or in the front terrace facing the dunes and the amazing view of Erg Chebbi.

Booking / ContactIf you wish to book a room with Kasbah Yasmina Hotel please use the booking page. For special groups, agency prices or general inquires and information please contact page. Thank you.

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